Life at sea involves a lot of water, therefore water sports have an obvious attraction.

Surfing and Windsurfing

I am a keen Surfer and Windsurfer and when the crew majority is in favour am keen to go looking about for a suitable playground.
Windsurfing in some degree is often possible and can be simple off the boat at anchor. However, finding cross offshore 25kts onto logo high waves and being able to anchor within reach may not be quite so easy...
The same with surfing really: it’s often hard to anchor right near the spot, but being within dinghy-able distance is far more feasible. As any surfer will know, the search for the perfect wave can be a fickle, time consuming business, so the way I see it it's best to dedicate set chunks of time to surfing, preferably in places where there is a good chance of scoring. For these places we get as many surfers on board as possible and focus primarily on the sport in hand. We have found some good surfing and windsurfing in some beautiful places - and we will not cease from exploration!


I am no pro in this department but carry a spear gun and selection of gear; my usual method is to hang a lure over the stern when we're sailing and wait for a suicidal tuna or such like to volunteer itself to feeding our bellies - often seems to work fine, though I'm sure there's room for improvement...  Tuna of some sort are the most common catch, though we've caught Dorados, Spanish Mackerel, Marlin, Bass... the list goes on.

Dinghy Sailing

This is easy to arrange: sailing our 12’ dinghy Azimut is part of day-to-day life and a great way to learn the basics (lessons are free!). If there’s no wind then rowing is one of the greatest body-toning activities and an unusual way to get home from the pub…

Diving, Snorkelling, Rock Climbing ...

There are opportunities for all kinds of activities in all parts of the world, often in the water, but sometimes with the object of staying out of it! 
Boatbuilding - for example, two new dingies were built in the corner of a South African boat yard (a rocky corner of SA having demolished one of the old ones).
Boat mainenance, painting, mechanics, sail repairs, rigging, splicing - there are so many traditional skills involved in keeping a boat in good shape; you may learn more than you can imagine.

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