What is expected of you

For you time on Lilly it is our hope that you will want to be involved in every aspect of the adventure - and even the normal daily routines of life on a boat under sail can offer new experiences.

Life on board is a whole lot more than just sailing a boat, it is about living and travelling in a unique way and being part of a small community. What you can contribute is more than just pulling ropes; you will be an active part of all aspects of the community and its well-being. You will certainly take away from it a new fund of practical knowledge, a few memories of some of the beauty of our planet - but also a whole social experience, and we hope some important friendships.

What next?

So you've had a good read of the website, seen some nice pictures,
maybe even looked at Facebook with more photos and stories from the captain’s log.... and are thinking that some time on Lilly might be just the thing for you...? Great! Then the next thing to do is to take a some time to write a bit about yourself, your interests, what is important to you in life, your impressions of what you have seen and read here - that would give us some idea of who you are … I try to put together crews that I think will get on well and that will really benefit from this experience.


A bit of discussion involved here. The cost of living varies from country to country, so like most things in life, contributions are negotiable depending on how long you stay and what you want out of your time on board. So get in touch and we will come up with a number for your particular situation and requirements.


Sailing Lilly is not like catching a plane, and we are subject to wind and weather - but with a bit of forward planning we will do our best to be there to meet you when you arrive. We check our email whenever we can, and reckon to carry a local mobile, so keeping in touch shouldn’t be a problem.

Where are we now?

Well that depends when you read this and how often this site gets updated… but right now, New Year 2013, we are in a boat yard on Carriacou, Grenada, hard at work on Lilly. We’re going to be here a while - but one day we’ll be back in the water and ready to sail again!

Lilly has a Facebook page where you can see lots more pics and probably get a more updated idea of the low-down.

Or how about this: become a friend of Lilly Bolero on Facebookand follow her progress wherever she goes...
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