As caretaker of the good ship Lilly Bolero I will endeavour with this website to give an introduction to what it's all about.
Lilly has been my home for over 5 years now, and has certainly become a lot more familiar, her size less daunting, and I'm getting to grips with the many facets of her maintenance.
2008 saw us sailing to Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, before returning to New Zealand, a great year shared
with a lot of great crew.
In New Zealand, I spent  over a year in Golden Bay,
South Island, home away from home. All that felt
like preparation - for this:sailing around the world.
Maybe that’s jumping the gun; for now we are
sailing back to Wales via Vanuatu, Australia,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra,
Cocos Keeling, ,Mauritius,Reunion,
Madagascar,South Africa, the Caribbean...
(beginning to get hazy now)and back
across the Atlantic to Europe....
for starters.
This website tells a little of the
story of Lilly, the cruising life
and how  it's going, our
plans and our journey:
if you’d like to know
more or you’d like to
get involved then
please just get in

Life Aboard
The Story so Far
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Home Page
Lilly in Crisis ...
...and Lilly Returns
The Plan
As of August,2020 updates and new chapters in Lilly's story can be found at: