The Route

November '11 - after sailing, and surfing, down the West Coast of Sumatra we
headed out into the Indian Ocean. A bit of wind helped us make good time to
the remote Cocos Keeling Islands.
After that .... a longer passage across the Infian Ocean, with a stop at
Mauritius; then Madagasca. We arrived in South Africa in early November - and
maybe we 'll make Cape Town by Christmas.
Early 2012, hopefully after a good spell of maintenance, we will cross the
South Atlantic to Brazil, continue North towards Canada before crossing back
across the Atlantic to Europe before the winter. Phew, its gonna be a rush and
I wouldn't be surprised if we have to stop for a breather for a year or so
somewhere along the way...

From April'12 - a bit of a question mark here! The Caribbean? More of South
and Central America? Watch our wandering wake ...

September 2012, Tobago: itís become my favourite spot in the Caribbean,
anchored under a lushly forested mountainside, close to  a secluded strip of
sand in clear water where plenty of fish await my spear. I am having some
quiet time and contemplating the next stage of the adventure.
I will stay around here till December sometime when I hope to gather a new
crew and start meandering North. Its kinda ideal cruising, island hopping
during daylight hours from country to country - Grenada, St. Vincent and the
Grenadines, St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda....
the list goes on and there are many options which we'll finalise en route.

This plan is not set in stone (waterís more my medium!) - if I get a lot of
interest from crew wanting a shorter stay I may not make the diversion to Cuba
but stay East and cruise these beautiful islands.... Keep an eye on this space.

But sometimes there have to be major changes in plans .. see 'Lilly in
Crisis' - but now a new chapter begins ... it's now likely that the next
few months, at least, will be spent in work on Lilly - repairing, restoring
and maybe even improving.

April'13: Lilly's back!! (see Facebook for more detail) - sailing again,
while work goes on. Plenty to do still - but family and friends, old and
new, have achieved something wonderful ...  Now the plan is to head for
Antigua and the classics festival (crew wanted...)
The Plan

For now the plan is to sail back home to Wales, and from there we'll see what Lilly brings us.  We are often asked 'So what are you going to do?' and we feel obliged to give an answer: ideally we would not have a fixed plan, especially considering we rely so much on the wind and weather for timing, So we keep things as open as possible and try to commit as little as possible to dates - which may be tricky for crew trying to find us, but thatís the nature of it, you may just have to buy tickets at the last minute.
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